Thursday, September 3, 2009

Free Money Online Secret #2…Get Cash for Your Computer Being Online

This free money online opportunity has been brought to you by where you can find the Absolute best ways to make free money online. The feature today is Green Horse , makers of the software Ticker Bar , which , as crazy as it sounds , allow users to get paid just for having their computer connected to the internet.

Ticker bar is a free Windows application that can be downloaded from Green Horse Paid to surf program . It runs minimized in the taskbar and basically allows the Ticker Bar people to keep track of how long your computer is online They pay you for every hour your computer remains connected to the internet. It doesn't end there however , they also pay you for everyone you refer , and who they refer and so on, for up to 6 levels in your downline.So if you think you can convince your friends to make money just for being online then you are already on your way to making lots of money online.

For such a service it would be expected Ticker Bar to be loaded with Adware or that you would be forced to view popup ads . Surprisingly , Ticker bar uses 8K of memory and on averave 0% CPU processing time. It runs minimized in the taskbar and does nothing else. When you double click the taskbar icon a window appears confirming that your PC is earning. You can log into your Ticker bar account on their site to see how much you've earned.

Your address information is stored in their database so they pay you by check when your account reaches the payout value. This is a great way to be pleasantly surprised every so often by checks arriving in the mailbox .

So how much do they pay ? $0.01 per hour your computer is connected to the internet. Sound like a little bit? Look at it this way , for many people , your computers is always connected to the internet. If your going to be online ANYWAY you might as well get $87 per year for it. Give it to charity , spend it all at once , I don't care! It will at least pay for the current you pc consumed that year.

There's absolutely no reason why everybody shouldn't be using this to earn money , other than the fact that people just don't know about it. So spread the word to your friends , help them get $87 per year by taking 2 minutes to download and install the thing. Incidentally spreading the word to your friends will also make you more money. Depending on how much spreading you do.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Free Money Online Secret #1…Get Paid to click Ads

Intro to Free Money Online Secrets Series

Okay First of all welcome to the Free Money Online Secrets series where I more or less tell you for free things people put in an ebook and charge you for i.e How to make FREE MONEY Online!
I scour the internet for FREE opportunities and bring them to you because I HATE it when people try to trick you into buying something or singing up with something that doesn’t work.
I bet you noticed I keep saying FREE money . By ‘free’ money I just mean you’re not required to actually spend any money yourself to make money. In many cases you can make MORE money by investing a few dollars , but it’s not required before for you to start out. I would also recommend that you check out this link and use you free online money for financing further online development . After you make your first online money , you should bookmark it and get started on making a lot more.

Make Money Online

Paid to Click PTC Websites

This seems crazy right? But People actually PAY you to click text links and read ads. You click the link , leave the window open for 30 seconds and your account is credited. You get paid by check . If you already spend a lot of time on the internet you can do this while browsing because you cant CLOSE the ad window but can SWITCH between windows in that 30 seconds. So what I do is get into a kind of routine like this:

Browse for 30 seconds . Switch windows and click a new ad. Switch back and continue browsing for 30 seconds . Switch windows , close the ad and click a new one. Repeat.

You get so accustomed to this , you do it without thinking , racking up money while you browse. Some time later you get a check in the mail.
Do some research and you’ll find sites advertise $0.01 or less although some sites , like Clixsense offer $0.01 to $1. But 99% of the time its $0.01 . Disappointed? Don’t be because I’ll show you how to work the system to make the bucks. What’s the secret? Get all your friends to sign up under you and their friends to sign up under them!!!! With Clixsense you get paid for referrals and you get 10% of your referral’s earnings.

I recommend Clixsense over the other PTC campaigns because occasionally you get higher paying ads and they pay by check , so you don’t need to have a credit card. The other thing is that they only add a few ads per day. If you pay $10 with Clixsense and become a premium member , you get access to many more adds and you get paid for up to 5 levels of referrals!. Of course you don’t have to , to make money. Signup takes 1 minute . You should be making money in 2minutes from now!

What would you use your Free Online Money For?

Look out for other posts in my Free Money Online Secrets series. Be sure to read ' Top 10 Super Secret Ways to Make Money Online for Free $%!! One last word.. In your online pursuits it helps to think like a winner. So the next question you should be asking yourself is: What would your use Your FREE ONLINE MONEY FOR?